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GECKO Booking integration to Dinero


Quit entering your data manually and export your cash count balance/procedure to Dinero automatically.

How smart is Dinero

With Dinero’s new API you can now enter directly in to the daybook/journal. In other words, you can export your cash count balance directly to Dinero.

How to do it Dinero

First, you have to log in and create an API key and second find your company ID.
You will find the API key by logging in to your Dinero account and press ‘Settings’ (the cogwheel) -> API. Here, you need to press the “+Ny API-nøgle”. Under ‘Beskrivelse’ you will be able to enter e.g. “GECKO Booking”. Save the API key and copy it – see the example below.

Your company ID will appear at the bottom of the page:

How to do it in GECKO Booking

Log in to your GECKO Booking account on the website.
Go to ‘Cash register’ -> ‘Settings’ -> Cash register(s).
Open up the tab ‘Settings for cash count balance export’.
Here, you will be able to type in the account numbers for item groups, payment types and various other things.

and at the bottom you can enter your Dinero information as well as activate the feature:

If you need a more detailed description of the setting options regarding export to Dinero, you can read more in our Guide here.
When the above-mentioned steps have been followed, you are ready to use the export add-on.
Now, you will have a button called ‘Export’ at the bottom of all your cash count balances. When you click on it, you will get to this page:

Put a tick opposite ‘Dinero’ and press ‘Show export’ and after a few seconds your cash count balance will be exported to Dinero.
Finally, you can log in to Dinero and check that everything is okay and then press ‘’Record’.

We are happy to help

You are welcome to contact GECKO Booking on the phone: 7027 1699 or per e-mail to get help – for free.

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